The 11,300 Kg (25,000 lb) 124 cone, the 13,600 Kg (30,000 lb) 132 cone and the 15,600 Kg (35,000 lb) 139 cone drogues are all made from a combination of 18mm and 14mm double braid nylon.

Our design uses the same components in each of these 3 sizes, allowing the 124 and 132 cone drogue to be easily up-rated at any time in the future by just adding cones. The tail specification is common in all our designed weights, so if the up-rate requires 18mm line, then all that has to be altered is the Leader section. As sections are joined with simple “cow hitches”, this takes only a minute to change.

Attachment points on stern of boat.  Point A

BRIDLE. Bridle legs (2 off) run from A – B

Made of 18mm (3/4″) double braid nylon. Each leg is 2.5 times width of stern.

If attached to steel plates with shackles at A, then hard eyes at A on bridle.  If not, then soft eyes possible with suitable chafe protection.

Soft eyes at B on each bridle leg.

LEADER / FIRST.  Runs from B – C

The Leader and First sections are combined and made of 18mm (3/4″) double braid nylon. It has a total length of 57 metres before the eyes at each end are fitted, leaving a finished length of 55 metres. The Leader portion has no cones. The First has cones attached and spaced every half metre (20 inches) running from point C.

11,300 Kg (25,000 lb) 124 cone drogue has 49 cones attached to this section

13,600 Kg (30,000 lb) 132 cone drogue has 57 cones attached to this section

15,600 Kg (35,000 lb) 139 cone drogue has 64 cones attached to this section

Soft eyes on First at B & C

TAIL. Tail runs from C – D

TAIL is 40m in length and made of 14mm (9/16″) double braid nylon. There are 75 cones attached to this section, spaced every half metre and running from point D

Soft eye at C

Hard eye at D

WEIGHT. Weight attached at D and can be 12 – 15 Kg in the form of chain, an anchor or any other heavy item that can be secured.