15,000 Kg (33,000 lb) MULTIHULL series drogue has 160 cones. It is a total of 109 metres (357 feet) length excluding the bridle.

Attachment points on stern of boat.  Point A

BRIDLE. BRIDLE legs (2 off) run from A – B

Made of 22mm (7/8″) double braid nylon. Each leg 2.5 times width of stern.

If attached to steel plates with shackles at A, then hard eyes at A on bridle.  If not, then soft eyes possible with suitable chafe protection.

Soft eyes at B on each bridle leg.

LEADER.  Runs from B – C

LEADER would be 37m in length and made of 22mm (7/8″) double braid nylon.  29 cones are attached to this section.

Soft eyes on Leader at B & C

FIRST.  Runs from C – D

FIRST would be 32m in length and made of 18mm (3/4″) double braid nylon.  There would be 56 cones attached to this section, spaced every half metre running from point D.

Soft eyes on First at C & D

TAIL. Tail runs from D – E

TAIL is 40m in length and made of 14mm (9/16″) double braid nylon. There are 75 cones attached to this section, spaced every half metre and running from point E.  This leaves about 1 metre at the end (E) without cones.

Soft eye at D

Hard eye at E

WEIGHT. Weight attached at E and can be about 18 Kg in the form of chain, an anchor or any other heavy item that can be secured.