18,150 Kg (40,000 lb) MULTIHULL series drogue has 165 cones. It is a total of 109 metres length excluding the bridle.

If we break the drogue down into the sections and give them names and an identifying letter for each end, this explains the configuration.

Attachment points on stern of boat.  Point A

BRIDLE. BRIDLE legs (2 off) run from A – B

Made of 22mm (7/8″) double braid nylon. Each leg 2.5 times width of stern.

If attached to steel plates with shackles at A, then hard eyes at A on bridle.  If not, then soft eyes possible with suitable chafe protection.

Soft eyes at B on each bridle leg.

LEADER.  Runs from B – C

LEADER would be 37m in length and made of 22mm (7/8″) double braid nylon.  34 cones are attached to this section.

Soft eyes on Leader at B & C

FIRST.  Runs from C – D

FIRST would be 32m in length and made of 18mm (3/4″) double braid nylon.  There would be 56 cones attached to this section, spaced every half metre running from point D.

Soft eyes on First at C & D

TAIL. Tail runs from D – E

TAIL is 40m in length and made of 14mm (9/16″) double braid nylon. There are 75 cones attached to this section, spaced every half metre and running from point E.  This leaves about 1 metre at the end (E) without cones.

Soft eye at D

Hard eye at E

WEIGHT. Weight attached at E and can be about 18 Kg in the form of chain, an anchor or any other heavy item that can be secured.